Sarpanpally Lake | Camping and fishing places near Hyderabad

Not a popular thing to do in Hyderabad, yet we wanted to give it a try.

Installing a proper tent and having a barbecue set is something which everyone fancy in their minds but practically in Hyderabad it is not yet into the family outing options list much.
We were watched by people with mixed feelings. We went to sarpanpally lake which is almost 89kms away from the Secunderabad railway station and 84kms away from the international airport.

This place is popular for
Camping / Campfire

This place might not be suitable for night camping as the place is a bit deserted.


Aalankrita Resort Hyderabad

Located at around 18 kms away from Secunderabad railway station, Aalankrita resort is one of the Star resorts of Hyderabad. The resort is a green delight to the nature lovers. All the houses and huts made without hurting the mother nature and the set up is mesmerizing. The resort is not a huge one, yet has got quit a spread for relaxation.

Come with your family, friends, better half's or even colleagues.May it be birthday party, get together, weddings or business meeting, this place has something to offer to everyone and trust me the experience will be amazing.

We came across this beautiful place while we were jotting down places to celebrate our little baby's first birthday.

So let’s start our travel tale.....

On 27th of Dec 2019, when Ahaan turned 1, we decided to celebrate this happy event with our close family. It was not a huge affair, we invited our close family members only. We were around 15 in total. We directly went to the resort, as there was no need of prior booking fo…

Dolphin ride at the Coco Beach - GOA

The copper beach of Goa.....

One of the beautiful and quiet beaches of GOA, not a great place to sit and watch the sun set, but a nice place to spend some lone time admiring the nature and beautiful copper sand.

I am talking about the Coco Beach of Goa and I guess one of the most quiet and not very well maintained, it is
quite popular for water sports though.

So let’s start our travel tale.....

This is our second trip to Goa and first time we skipped the Dolphin ride. The only reason for skipping this activity was our extra smart minds. 

Jokes apart, we seriously thought it wouldn't be as fun as people are claiming it to be and sighting a wild animal in their natural habitat is next to impossible. So we deliberately gave it a miss. 
However after taking this trip all our thoughts changed. It was quite an experience to enter the vast ocean in a small boat and going at the place where you could see nothing but water, was astonishing..... The cool breeze even in the hot summer is ref…

Essential things to pack for beach holidays

If you are reading this blog, then I'm sure, you are planning for a family trip to some kinda Beach. 

So this blog is for you, make a note or take a screenshot or may be a printout. Be my guest ...

When you are planning for any trip, it is advisable to make a quick check list to make sure you don't miss out on any essentials.

So here is the list of essentials which I have curated for a small family for the lady, the man and the baby to tackle the last minute rush. Most of the things are essentials, however, few of the things might not sound essentials to you but trust me it's better to be over prepared than not being prepared at all.

First, I'll start with the common things and then we can have a look at the individual requirements……

Family Travel Essentials (Misc)*****

Duffle bag for baby items
Trolley bags for luggage
Backpack for camera and imp stuff
Baby carry bag (optional)
Stroller (optional)

Common grooming essentials for the family****

Sun scr…

Durgam Cheruv - Secret Lake of Hyderabad

It was the first day of the year and we wanted to spend some time together. We were looking for some nice place to go on a walk and talk to each other and relax.
But in the heart of the city where can we go. Hyderabad is full of traffic, public and pollution. 
After lot of drama we went to "Durgam Cheruv". A beautiful lake which was badly effected due to the urbanisation. However, we had heard about its renovation and we thought let's give it a try and finally we went there.
So let’s start our travel tale*****************
As we were not able to jot down to any place, we got terribly late. However, we started from home around 5pm and on the way, in the middle of nowhere we decided to go to forum mall, then my husband took a wrong direction and we were on the way to inorbit. So we thought let it be. But while we were about to climb the up Hill road, we saw Durgam Cheruv on our left.
After seeing the newly constructed exterior, we got tempted to enter it. Though we had idea…

Resort check list | Important things to carry for day outing

Hola Hola Amigos......

So we are super excited...... And you must know why....

Well Ahaan is turning 1 on 27th of December, 2018. And we have planned a super cool outing with our very close family members.

So we will be sharing the awesome things we did during our trip, meanwhile, I am planning the things to carry for the outing.

Since it is not a simple resort outing, it will be a combination of resort outing plus Ahaan's birthday celebration we have to be extra planned.

So while I was planning I thought it would be great if we could share the same with to do that in future whenever you have some plans our blog will help you.

So let's start our check list......

***Comfy dresses for travel to resort
Usually resorts are constructed outside the cities and hence you will end up travelling at least 1 to 2 hours to reach your destination. And no one wants to get exhausted even before the start of the trip. Hence, I would advise you to wear comfortable dresses for journey.

***Dresses for the…

Places to visit in Hyderabad- Coming soon

Hyderabad, the city of pearls, diamonds and Nawaabs.....
鸞鸞鸞Kirraakk life baap鸞鸞鸞
This city comprises of people not only from all parts of India but it actually is home to many people around the world.
Not a metro yet, but the lifestyle of Hyderabad is something every individual would fancy. Hyderabad is not only an IT hub, but it is a hub for age old beauties. Hyderabad's rich heritage cannot be explained in words, you need to see it, feel it and more than anything explore it on your own.
So next time you think of visiting Hyderabad, don't just land at inorbit mall and charminar and end your trip. Hyderabad is way more richer than you can imagine.
The heritage value of Hyderabad is beyond words. Yes I agree, the Hyderabad that you see now is nothing compared to how it used to be, more than 80% of the monuments, constructions etc are demolished or occupied illegally. But still whatever is left, it is worth a visit.
In this article in going to expose the hidden jewels of Hyderabad.