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Durgam Cheruv - Secret Lake of Hyderabad

It was the first day of the year and we wanted to spend some time together. We were looking for some nice place to go on a walk and talk to each other and relax.
But in the heart of the city where can we go. Hyderabad is full of traffic, public and pollution. 
After a lot of drama we went to "Durgam Cheruvu". A beautiful lake which was badly effected due to the urbanization. However, we had heard about its renovation and we thought let's give it a try and finally we went there.
So let’s start our travel tale*****************
As we were not able to jot down any place, we got terribly late. However, we started from home around 5pm and on the way, in the middle of nowhere, we decided to go to Forum Mall. Then my husband took a wrong direction and we were on the way to Inorbit Mall. So we thought let it be. But while we were about to climb the up Hill road, we saw Durgam Cheruvu on our left.
After seeing the newly constructed exterior, we got tempted to enter it. Though we h…

Resort check list | Important things to carry for day outing

Hola Hola Amigos......

So we are super excited...... And you must know why....

Well Ahaan is turning 1 on 27th of December, 2018. And we have planned a super cool outing with our very close family members.

So we will be sharing the awesome things we did during our trip, meanwhile, I am planning the things to carry for the outing.

Since it is not a simple resort outing, it will be a combination of resort outing plus Ahaan's birthday celebration we have to be extra planned.

So while I was planning I thought it would be great if we could share the same with to do that in future whenever you have some plans our blog will help you.

So let's start our check list......

***Comfy dresses for travel to resort
Usually resorts are constructed outside the cities and hence you will end up travelling at least 1 to 2 hours to reach your destination. And no one wants to get exhausted even before the start of the trip. Hence, I would advise you to wear comfortable dresses for journey.

***Dresses for the…

Places to visit in Hyderabad- Coming soon

Hyderabad, the city of pearls, diamonds and Nawaabs.....
鸞鸞鸞Kirraakk life baap鸞鸞鸞
This city comprises of people not only from all parts of India but it actually is home to many people around the world.
Not a metro yet, but the lifestyle of Hyderabad is something every individual would fancy. Hyderabad is not only an IT hub, but it is a hub for age old beauties. Hyderabad's rich heritage cannot be explained in words, you need to see it, feel it and more than anything explore it on your own.
So next time you think of visiting Hyderabad, don't just land at inorbit mall and charminar and end your trip. Hyderabad is way more richer than you can imagine.
The heritage value of Hyderabad is beyond words. Yes I agree, the Hyderabad that you see now is nothing compared to how it used to be, more than 80% of the monuments, constructions etc are demolished or occupied illegally. But still whatever is left, it is worth a visit.
In this article in going to expose the hidden jewels of Hyderabad.  

Charminar - The heart of Hyderabad

When I say Hyerabad, what’s the first that comes on your mind???
If you got Charminar…..Then you are absolutely right.
The heart of Hyderabad, Charminar. You cannot claim to have visited Hyderabad, if you haven’t visited Charminar.

Char-Minar means, four towers. It is a beautiful structure representing the Indo-western architecture. Standing tall at a height of 56 meters, can be seen from very far away. The structure and the surroundings are so intelligently planned.
On the top floor there is one small mosque. The Charminar has 3 major roads connecting to it. The perpendicular road is called Laad bazar, a paradise for bling lovers, it consists of shops selling stone bangles and some other confectionaries. The front road is the main road connecting Charminar to the city, the entire road is full of shops and showrooms selling beautiful dresses, sarees, attars, footwear etc. You can buy many souvenirs from there. Third road is behind the charminar, which is not so popular yet it has got man…

Chowmahalla Palace - Hyderabad

Chowmahalla Palace, with the very name you can easily guess that it must be a set of four palaces at one single place.

Chowmahalla Palace or Chowmahallatuu (4 Palaces), was the official residence of the Nizams of Hyderabad while the same was under the Nizams rule. The palace was built by Nizam Salabat Jung. This property is still owned and maintained by Barkat Ali Khan Mukarram Jah.
The palace is located in the old city in Hyderabad near the Charminar.
So let’s start our travel tale.....

Around 9am after finishing our breakfast and tea we started on bikes to the Chowmahalla palace. The palaces are just behind Charminar, the location is usually very crowded and the roads are pretty congested. Hence it is always advised to commute on bikes, because you will get parking easily. 

We found a place to park our bikes and entered the Palace by buying the tickets. The place does not contain any kind of canteen so it is advised to carry your own food and water. There is a small pantry which serves t…