Souvenirs to be collected from Hyderabad

Hyderabad the city of pearls and technology.

One day I was sitting in my balcony, sipping a cup of tea and relaxing, when my friend called and said ' you know what, I am going to my in-laws home for the first time after my wedding and I am so excited. Thinking what all I can buy from Hyderabad for my family and friends, can you advice'.

Initially, I was like 'OMG, how would I know'. But then I thought, there is nothing wrong in expecting this from me, since I am living in Hyderabad from past 10 years and I am marriedπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ. So who can advise better than me to a new bride.

So finally I decided to put my saasuma's hat on.

We had a great chat and discussed the specialties of Hyderabad and I realized Hyderabad is a hub of souvenirs. There are too many things which are beautiful and perfect for gifting. I won't say these are unique and you will never find them at any other place but these are perfect for showcasing Hyderabad’s rich culture and heritage. 

So, let me share with you the list of souvenirs which represent Hyderabad.


Hyderabad is neither close to any big water body nor a direct producer of pearls, yet Hyderabad is famous for it's pearls. You can find multiple places in hyderabad who provide extremely good quality Pearl, jagadamba pearls, mangatrai to name a few.

Lak Bangles

Hyderabad Charminar area's one of the busiest street is called lad bazaar. You can find 100s of shops and showrooms selling these beautiful bangles. 

You can buy ready made bangles or you can ask the makers to customize bangles as per your liking. You can choose the color of stones and design.


Attar is a non-alcoholic perfume, majorly used by Muslims.

These attars are available in various fragrances and you can buy them starting from 10ml size. The cost of these attars start from Rs 50/-. 

Pochampalli/Ikkat clothes

Ikkat is style of weaving done at the pachampalli village. Pochampalli is very close to Hyderabad, almost 50-60 kms away. 

You can find dresses, Chudidar, sarees etc. The ikkat bed sheets and sofa covers are pretty famous. 

Kalamkari dresses

Kalamkari is yet another style of fabric designing. All the colors are made from natural ingredients, hence the colors are non-toxic.

Kalamkari dresses are pretty popular.

Khada Dupatta

Khada dupatta is the traditional dress style of the Hyderabadi brides. The base of the dress is same as Chudidar but the Dupatta is pretty long and is tied in a different style, which gives a unique look to the attire.

Zardosi/Muggam work dresses

Zardosi or maggam work is extremely popular with south Indians. For every special occasion the women go crazy and buy zardosi work sarees, dresses, blouses. These intricate designs are done by the artisans with hand.

Bidri work silver ware

Bidri is the art work done on the silverware. Coming from the village named Bidar, this art form got its name as Bidri. You can buy beautiful flower vases, Ash trays, water jugs, glasses etc. These make a beautiful souvenir.

Stone studded footwear 

Stone studded footwear is again very popular. Every bride makes sure to buy beautiful stone studded footwear. These are pretty and extremely attractive.

Stone studded clutches

One more must have souvenir is stone studded clutches, you can find them in different sizes and colors.


Surma is a form of black metallic powder which is used as Kohl. It is used by both men and women, mostly the men use them.

These are very cooling to your eyes. The aroma is extremely mesmerizing.

Note : This contains lead, so you better be sure if you really wanna use it is not.

Leather Footwear

Leather Footwear are extremely popular, these very very comfortable and look super cool.

These can be paired with any type of attire, these will go with just any type of look.

The list is never ending.

***Some food items which you should not miss while in Hyderabad


Biryani, biryani.... Hyderabadi biryani......

Almost every restaurant of Hyderabad has biryani as the best seller. It is called kachi biryani. This is a different style if biryani.

Hyderabad's Paradise biryani is so popular that it is even exported to various countries.


There are 100s of variety of kababs made in hyderabad. These are made with different types of meats and are cooked over charcoal.

The spices which go in the marination is key.

Siddiqui kababs is one of the most famous kabab makers of hyderabad.

Irani Chai

Ok, now if you ask me to name one thing without which the day is incomplete for a hyderabadi, then the topper of the list will be irani chai. An average hyderabadi consumes at least 4 to 5 cups of chai everyday. 

All the stalls, hotels, restaurants have their chai counters.

Osmania biscuits

Osmania biscuits were an invention done my one of the cook of Mir Osman Ali Khan, the seventh nizam and last ruler of hyderabad.

Irani chai can't be finished without this delicate biscuit.

Niloufer biscuits

Ok let me tell you first, these biscuits were not so easily available but these days all bakers are making sure to have the packets readily available.These are made and sold by Cafe Niloufer only.

****Historic and iconic food sellers of hyderabad are

Paradise biryani
Karachi bakery
Cafe Niloufer

We will talk about these in our next blog, till then have fun and take a piece of hyderabad with you and share the love of hyderabad with your family and friends in the form of souvenirs.

We will meet you in our next travel tale, till then take care and have happy and safe travel.



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