Resort check list | Important things to carry for day outing

Hola Hola Amigos......

So we are super excited...... And you must know why....

Well Ahaan is turning 1 on 27th of December, 2018. And we have planned a super cool outing with our very close family members.

So we will be sharing the awesome things we did during our trip, meanwhile, I am planning the things to carry for the outing.

Since it is not a simple resort outing, it will be a combination of resort outing plus Ahaan's birthday celebration we have to be extra planned.

So while I was planning I thought it would be great if we could share the same with to do that in future whenever you have some plans our blog will help you.

So let's start our check list......

***Comfy dresses for travel to resort

Usually resorts are constructed outside the cities and hence you will end up travelling at least 1 to 2 hours to reach your destination. And no one wants to get exhausted even before the start of the trip. Hence, I would advise you to wear comfortable dresses for journey.

***Dresses for the event

If you are visiting resort for any special occasion, then you would have to carry one extra pair of dress for the event. If you are visiting for recreation only, then you can skip this point.

***Synthetic dresses for pool

Every pool has a common rule. You will not be allowed to enter the pool in your normal dresses, everyone will be asked to change to a synthetic dress.

***One extra pair of dress for post pool party

After enjoying in the pool, you would have to change back to normal comfortable dresses. You can always wear what you wore during the journey else you can change to a new one.

***A toiletry kit

Post pool party you need to freshen up. The pool water is highly bleached, which can tan your skin and also damage your hair. Hence, I would advise you to carry shampoo & body wash for taking shower.

***Towels 1 per person

If you are taking shower, then obviously you would need a towel as well. So whoever is planning to enter the pool must carry a towel as well. And if you are planning to use single towel for entire family, then I am sorry this will not work. Towels usually soak water, hence towel will not be in good shape after single use.

***Slippers for pool

To walk around pool area I would advise you to take slippers with you. This has 2 reasons, first one is your regular footwear will get spoiled if they get wet and the second and major reason is, walking around pool in slippers feel cool.

***Plastic covers to store wet clothes

Post pool you will end up with a huge pile of wet clothes and by the time you reach back to home these clothes will stink. So please carry plastic covers to insulate your other clothes and stuff from the wet clothes.

***Group games - badminton/ balls etc

If you are going in a group, post pool you would want to spend some time enjoying with your family and friends. So try to carry some sort of games which can engage you all in a fun event. You can try thambola/housie, balls, etc as per the number of people.

***Water bottles

Not only for resort, wherever you go it is always advised to carry your own water.

***Umbrellas or hats

This is absolutely optional; just to keep yourself safe in sun carry umbrella or a hat.

***Bed sheets

If you would like to relax under tree on the grass, then you would certainly need some bed-sheets. So carry some big and thick bed-sheets.

***Camera & Tripod

To capture all the memorable moments carry a camera and if you want to shoot a video and to achieve stability and quality carry a tripod. However tripod is absolutely optional.


Not only for style but also to protect your eyes from sharp light and UV rays, carry goggles. But make sure you carry some strong sports eye wear, since you might get carried away and break your costly stuff.

***A trolley bag to carry all your stuff

To carry all the above stuff you need to carry a trolley bag, it will be more comfortable to roam around.

Carry a backpack for carrying your valuables, camera, money small and important stuff.

I hope the above list will help you with your trip planning.

Enjoy your trip.



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