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Dolphin ride at the Coco Beach - GOA

The copper beach of Goa.....

One of the beautiful and quiet beaches of GOA, not a great place to sit and watch the sun set, but a nice place to spend some lone time admiring the nature and beautiful copper sand.

I am talking about the Coco Beach of Goa and I guess one of the most quiet and not very well maintained, it is quite popular for water sports though.

So let’s start our travel tale.....

This is our second trip to Goa and first time we skipped the Dolphin ride. The only reason for skipping this activity was our extra smart minds. 

Jokes apart, we seriously thought it wouldn't be as fun as people are claiming it to be and sighting a wild animal in their natural habitat is next to impossible. So we deliberately gave it a miss. 
However after taking this trip all our thoughts changed. It was quite an experience to enter the vast ocean in a small boat and going at the place where you could see nothing but water, was astonishing..... The cool breeze even in the hot summer was ref…