Dolphin ride at the Coco Beach - GOA

The copper beach of Goa.....

One of the beautiful and quiet beaches of GOA, not a great place to sit and watch the sun set, but a nice place to spend some lone time admiring the nature and beautiful copper sand.

I am talking about the Coco Beach of Goa and I guess one of the most quiet and not very well maintained, it is quite popular for water sports though.

So let’s start our travel tale.....

This is our second trip to Goa and first time we skipped the Dolphin ride. The only reason for skipping this activity was our extra smart minds. 

Jokes apart, we seriously thought it wouldn't be as fun as people are claiming it to be and sighting a wild animal in their natural habitat is next to impossible. So we deliberately gave it a miss. 

However after taking this trip all our thoughts changed. It was quite an experience to enter the vast ocean in a small boat and going at the place where you could see nothing but water, was astonishing..... The cool breeze even in the hot summer was refreshing. And while you reach the sighting spot your boatman will show you a couple of things like Millionaires Bungalow, Aguada old jail etc. 

So there are hundreds of boatman who are willing to offer you this ride and I guess it is one of the easiest and highest grossing activity for them. So be ready to face the competition among the people offering this ride to you.
People will chase you and will try to talk to you so secretly, as if they are trying to sell you some kinda illegal stuff. 🤣😂

For us the Dolphin ride was arranged by our accommodation owner. The original cost of dolphin ride is Rs 300/- per head, however we got discount and got it for Rs 250/-.

Tickets: Rs 250/- to Rs 300/- per head

There are many places from where you can take Dolphin ride, but I personally feel Coco Beach is a better place because it is less crowded and you get ample place to park your vehicle. Moreover the beach is beautiful and the sand is actually in the colour of coco and shines like copper. It’s a beautiful beach but not very well maintained. This is a very quiet beach and you literally get no waves at all.

There is one more place at the Nerul road from where you can buy tickets and go for the Dolphin ride, but I personally felt it was very crowded and it doesn’t have any beach, no parking place at all. Also it is the turning point and it is on the way to Aguada fort and some other major tourist destinations. This road is always filled with running traffic and  hence we need to be very careful while we try to get to this place and finding a place to park your vehicle will be challenging.

No matter from where you board the boat, the trip is once in a while experience. It's not an out of the world feeling, but certainly a very memorable one. Either you take this trip all alone or with family or friends, you will enjoy this for sure. It's an hour of fun activity.

You must add this to your TO DO list. 

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Map from Vasco De Gama Railway Station

Map from Airport GOA International Airport



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